Prime Circle Breathing

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Исполнитель: Prime Circle

Композиция: Breathing

Длительность: 03:38

Добавлен: 2016-06-03

Скачали: 513


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Текст песни:

Step back
Stop the world
Stop the time
It's always running
Just trying to catch my breath
Just trying to take it in

Unfold and calculate
Concentrate and reach for something

Here's to the good times
The bad times
The times that could have been
To the wrong times
The right times
I know we'll breathe again
Until then...
Until then...

Suppose that we got older
Suppose that we'd begin
Suppose that I stopped running
It could begin again
Suppose in life we made it
I'm never looking back
I'm never looking back

The hardest part of letting go
Not easy to believe
And sometimes you'll just never know
Gets harder to perceive
You're gone
You're long gone


I know you can see it, now
Can't feel it, after all
Seems it's us versus time
Think we made up our minds
All that's left is just to see

Chorus x2

Here's to the good times
The bad times
The times that could have been...

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