Kristina Si On my Level cover

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Исполнитель: Kristina Si

Композиция: On my Level (cover)

Длительность: 01:24

Добавлен: 2016-06-10

Скачали: 411


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Текст песни:

Champagne pourin', big joint smokin', Bombay sippin', no blunt smokin'
Bad boy gettin' sick and he got some friends wid him
Pour shots of liquor 'cause I'm drinkin' from the bottle, smiling in my
Marijuana loud, boys follow like Twitter
Bi-iii-itch I know you a hater. Don't rush to the bar boy if you ain't
got no paper
High as fuck, sloppy drunk when I'm passin' through
Rollin' doobies up, yo man who we pass 'em to?
Hi-hi-hit the club, spend this money up, roll another up, drink, act a fool

See after drinking champagne all night
Never worry bout a damn thing, y'all might
Bro I'm on my level (yeh)
I'm on my level (yeah)
I'm on my level (yeh)
I'm on my level (yeaah)

So let me take one shot to the brain
And I order three more shots
I'm going in, ayy
I'm on my level (yeh)
I'm on my level (yeah)
I'm on my level (yeh)
I'm on my level (yeaah)

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