Kings of Leon McFearless

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Исполнитель: Kings of Leon

Композиция: McFearless

Длительность: 03:09

Добавлен: 2015-12-11

Скачали: 370


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Текст песни:

Strain living with a name
They get the best of me
But I'm no walker away
no complaint
i got much to gain
So they keep testing me
And I keep feeding their face
they could go off
and hit the road
What would I care
hell i aint going nowhere
I got the reigns
and courage i was made of
and they've got fake love

So I know I must show
it's my show
I must go
With my soul
not my hand
Where I stand
It's my role
It's my soul

Pearls and necklaces and girls
and all the pretty things
I ain't seeking to have
it's safe to say
if i don't get this out of me
i might quite easily
end up dead or just mad
cross my t's and try to dot my i's
but thats just blinding me
and i aint living that way
i roll my sleeves to make a better man of me
or i might easily

just give up on this show
It's my show
I must go
With my soul
not my hand
Where I stand
It's my role
It's my show

It's my show 2x

Клип Kings Of Leon - McFearless

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