Kelly Family-Rumba Every baby needs a mama

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Исполнитель: Kelly Family-Rumba

Композиция: Every baby needs a mama

Длительность: 02:57

Добавлен: 2016-06-10

Скачали: 260


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Текст песни:

Every Baby Needs A Mama, Needs A
Close At Hand
Every Baby Needs A Mama, Needs A
To Hold Their Hand

I Look In The Eyes
Of A Beautiful Child
They Tell Me More Than Words
He Reaches His Hand
And Cries For Something
Oh I'll Give Him All I Have

Every Baby Needs...

Birdies On The Window
See The Birdies On My Window
If I Could Fly Ooh Babe
Then I Would Fly Ooh Ooh
Believe In Me Yeah

I'm Holding His Hand
And Giving My Love
Through Happiness And Sorrow
And In No Time
He'll Be A Big Boy
Oh What A Wonder Of Love

Every Baby Needs A Mama...
Close At Hand

Oh Little Baby You're Not Alone

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