Diablo Swing Orchestra Justice For Saint Mary

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Исполнитель: Diablo Swing Orchestra

Композиция: Justice For Saint Mary

Длительность: 08:30

Добавлен: 2016-06-08

Скачали: 374


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Текст песни:

Seizures may guide me, insanity found me
I smile as your vanity sings us to sleep
Burning from both sides, secrets we can't hide
That halo you're wearing, it's not yours to keep

Stolen, and maybe broken,
Since all that you left
Is a life that can never be whole again
Fallen, I heard the warning,
'Cause all that I had was a life
That can never be whole again

Will you wait in my honour?
Save what's left of it
In vain, when it's there
For all to see
Will I wait in your honour?
Save what's left of it
In vain, when it's there
For all to see

The sound of violence
It's a beat that
Makes us dance
You sway
And I follow your lead
Drained, like a landmine
Armed and primed
Your words,
They sound like mine
We all shall repent
What we've done
In time

Confession in real time
Lies could have been mine
Naked are words that
Are dressed up in truth
Light up with voices
Screaming your choices
All that was lost just
To keep you from harm

Spoken, like you told them, for all that I
Left was a battle that I'll never fight again
Show them we're above them,
For all that I have is heart unsure
If even time can mend

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