Britney Spears Perfect Lover BLACKOUT

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Исполнитель: Britney Spears

Композиция: Perfect Lover (BLACKOUT)

Длительность: 03:02

Добавлен: 2015-12-15

Скачали: 328


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Текст песни:

Are we ready?
Unh huh...

My body feels like an inferno
Like I’m in a race
And I’m jumpin a hurdle
Come closer we'll pursue it
If you just let go we can do it
Baby I’m yours for the takin'
Don't ya wanna see my body naked?
And I know you like the way I shake it
And I hope that you can take it

Your the perfect lova
I’m in love
Wit all the things ya do
So seductive when you touch me
I cant get enough of you
Your the best
Baby you got me obsessed
And I cant catch my breath
Baby I must confess you got me

When you come around
Got me so damn high
I cant come down
Every time you touch me there
You make me feel so hot

I love it
Everything you do is so seductive
You got
That thing that I want
And then some
And I cant even front
So listen
I know what cha missin
Better hurry up cuz time is tickin
Tick tock tick tock
Come and get me while I’m hot

Pull up to my bumper
I need a jump
Not a chump
Fill me up I’m runnin low
Let me drive you crazy
All night cuz we got so far to go

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