Brazzaville Jesse James

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Исполнитель: Brazzaville

Композиция: Jesse James

Длительность: 03:48

Добавлен: 2016-08-11

Скачали: 305


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Текст песни:

When he was runnin’ from the cops
He said, “Baby, I’m just 19
I’m as sexy as a ballerina in a magazine
Give me danger and a gun
You know I ain’t afraid of pain
I don’t wanna live your life
I wanna die like Jesse James

I wanna die like Jesse James…

“I grew up in a little trailer
On the edge of town
My daddy used to beat me raw
He used to beat me down
And one thing that I learned
When I was barely 17
Was how to kill a full-grown man
When he was half asleep

‘Cause I wanna die like Jesse James…

“So now I’m runnin’ from the cops
And Baby, I’m just 19
I’m as sexy as a ballerina on a TV screen
And I’m happy as a newborn baby
When he sees his mom
And I’m grateful to the bullet
That’s just about to take me home

‘Cause I wanna die like Jesse James…

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