Brazilian Girls St. Petersburg

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Исполнитель: Brazilian Girls

Композиция: St. Petersburg

Длительность: 04:22

Добавлен: 2016-06-10

Скачали: 131


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Текст песни:

midst in our travelling hell
just after sweden
floats on the Neva
St petersburg after the curtain
before the blow
cool our fever
st petersburg hello.
sundown at midnight
monkeys applauding
sunrise at one
walking on water
waiting is over
skies are still clear
like it or not
st petersburg we're here do you like my accent when i call you angel when i call you energia did you know i d be there call me sneguroska or ded moroz chasing the devil
catching his tail
fishing him out
we've reached our quota here is your anthem
now go to hell
the devils daughter
st petersburg farewell

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