Blue man group Persona

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Исполнитель: Blue man group

Композиция: Persona

Длительность: 04:29

Добавлен: 2016-06-07

Скачали: 104


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Текст песни:

Every morning, I put it on
I walk outside, and I am gone
And I don't seem to mind anymore
I can't think what it was like before I wore it all the time

Oh, oh, oh

In the evening, I take it off
But there's another one underneath
And I can't seem to find the bottom of the stack
I might just lose my mind and never get it back
But at least I'll get inside

Oh, oh, oh

At least I'll get inside

Oh, oh, oh, oh

There's a feeling that I get sometimes
It's so small that it's easy to hide


It's like a howling voice from a distant past
It seems I've got no choice when it comes to this
It's building up inside

Oh, oh, oh

It's building up inside

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

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