Before the Dawn Savior

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Исполнитель: Before the Dawn

Композиция: Savior

Длительность: 03:14

Добавлен: 2016-06-06

Скачали: 497


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Текст песни:

Cold days
Cold words so fierce
Violent statements
Distort my ears

Black wall built by fear
Retaliation starting to tear
Piece by piece dismantle
Two rules in my belief
There are no signs or revelations
There is no god

Last dawn of day brought only failures
Another circle of the sun
Not a chosen way
Not amongst the saviors
Rewind my trail until undone

Behold my court law
A judge with endless jurisdiction
I am the law
Sentenced behind the bars
In a hole
Down in the ground
With bleeding palms
With open arms

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