Анастасия АНГЛ - Париж

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Исполнитель: Анастасия

Композиция: АНГЛ - Париж

Длительность: 03:02

Добавлен: 2015-12-08

Скачали: 274


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Текст песни:

lovers, olala

welcome my friend to paris
here have a flower on me
forget where your from
your in france children come
i show you that fench swondry

paris holds the key to her heart
and all of pairs plays a part
you'll stroll two by two
down la reak a la roo
and soon all paris will be singing to you
olala olala olala

paris holds the key to la more
when don't even fright knows the cure
theres love in the air
and before ye pazar
the french have it down to and art
paris holds the key to her heart

when your feeling blue come to la mode
when your hearts says don't
the french say do
when you think you can't
you'll find you can can
everyone can can can
you can can can too

paris holds the keey to her past
yes princess i've found you atlast
no more prented
you'll be gone thats the end

paris holds the key to her heart
you'll be trueasary and so smart
come dance through the night
and forget all your woes
in the city of lights
where a rose is a rose
and one never knows what is holds
paris holdes the key
to her heart
(random olalals to fade)

Клип Anastasia - Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart)

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