Alex Band Forever Yours

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Исполнитель: Alex Band

Композиция: Forever Yours

Длительность: 03:12

Добавлен: 2015-12-17

Скачали: 515


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Текст песни:

You and I what a wild ride
Feels good to hold you close
We survived through the turbulent highs
And the struggles down below
And now
I give myself to you
Yah I give myself to you


It's the way that you love me
The way that you touch me
I'm forever yours
It's the way that you move me
You give yourself to me
I'm forever yours

On this day as we stand face to face
With the ocean in your eyes
And you say this is love, no more pain
It's a reflection of our lives
And I do
Give myself to you
I do
Yah I give myself to you


And even if we lived
For a thousand years
Nothing, no one would come between us
When the waters rise
We will sail away
To some place
And start again


Repeat Chorus

I give myself to you
I give myself to you
I give myself to you
I give myself to you

Клип Alex Band ~ Forever Yours

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