Alan Palmer Bonfire Night

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Исполнитель: Alan Palmer

Композиция: Bonfire Night

Длительность: 01:00

Добавлен: 2016-06-09

Скачали: 372


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Guy Fawkes Day (5th November) This is generally known as "Bonfire Night", and marks the failure of the "Gunpowder Plot" in which Guy Fawkes (the leader of the conspirators) and his fellow conspirators planned (in 1605) to blow up (with gunpowder) the Houses of Parliament in London. Once, it was common for a family with children to have its own bonfire. But now for safety reasons, the bonfires are usually organized by local councils or communities, Two essential ingredients for the occasion are a “Guy” ( a figure of a man made of (wood)sticks and old clothes put on top of the bonfire and plenty of fireworks of all types for the crowds to enjoy. Vocabulary: Bonfire = big (good) fire made from wood and built on a field or in gardens Guy Fawkes – the man that lead a conspiracy to blow up the parliament in London Conspirators – people who make a plan to do something like a crime Gunpowder – explosive used in fireworks – which is why the festival has fireworks to “celebrate” Council – local government Houses of Parliament – the building where the government of Britain is housed. Essential ingredients - the most important things necessary Figure – model of a person (in this case, the same size as a man)

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